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Welcome to award season’s only show where the popcorn's not overpriced (because it's invisible) and the speeches are mercifully short. It’s Pretty Good Cards’ collection of cards and gifts for film fans.

(Personally, I like to think every item here makes you the front-runner for “Best Gift-Giver in a Supporting Role," but if the Academy still can't add an award for stunts, I think we shouldn't hold our breath for any actual hardware.)

Whether you're hosting an Academy Awards party that rivals the Vanity Fair bash or just want to silently judge movie stars from your couch, I’ve got you covered. Need Oscar party favors? Decor? How about stickers that also fight women’s cancers? Get your scroll on.

From hilarious cards featuring Hollywood's most card-shaped stars to stickers celebrating your favorite flicks, this collection is like a Meryl Streep performance of unique gifts: charming, reliable, and delivered by a middle-aged blond woman.

So grab your not-so-golden statue (a.k.a., that XL glass of cab over there) and snag a little something that's destined to be all your friends can talk about on Oscar night.

You know, unless somebody shows up in a swan dress again or lets Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty try to read anything.