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Welcome to the realm of funny wedding cards, where PGC’s sentiments are as playfully detached as a Vegas chapel wedding and last longer than most celebrity marriages.

Most regular marriages, too, actually.

Here at Pretty Good Cards, I understand that love is both a beautiful mystery and an excuse to go ham on some overpriced cake. My cards are perfect for those moments when you want to say, “I love you both enough NOT to get you the same three cards from CVS you’re going to get, like, four of, each, this evening.”

PGC is also here to help you navigate the sea of pastels and unpronounceable hors d'oeuvres with a touch of humor and a wink. Whether you’re thrilled about the nuptials, being a good co-worker, or solely there for the open bar, these cards can speak your heart — even if that heart’s whispering, “Wait, so HOW do we know these people again?” over a free gin and tonic.